Jobs Not Cuts

Thunderclouds at Sunset
Standing for Workers

So we’re standing on the State House lawn once again, this time for the working and unemployed Americans who are left out of the budget decisions– except as targets for austerity.

I came more to talk to people and not feel so alone with despair over what the past two weeks have brought us to. It’s a pleasant surprise that so many people in passing cars honk and wave and some give us the fist pump. Not one heckler– this is a record.

One speaker is opposing RIPTA cuts to public transit, a cause supported by Progressive Democrats of American and the Sierra Club. I took the bus to the demonstration– if I didn’t I’d still be looking for a place to park. It was a long wait in Kennedy Plaza for the number 42, but I was rewarded with a great view of the sky.

Today’s Providence Journal has great coverage-– I’m glad they were there.