Otto Takes on the Larouchies

Otto, via Daily Kos
posts an account of what happened when the Larouchies set up a table in front of his town post office.

Avoiding a drawn-out argument about the Larouchie’s ‘Obama as Hitler’ poster– their signature statement– Otto set himself up as a counter-recruiter. Proving the old saying, ‘when engaging in a battle of wits make sure your opponent is armed’, Otto got nowhere fast with the Larouche people, who didn’t even know which party their candidate is running on.

Q. What do they get taught in “Camp Larouche?” A. “Dump Obama”

It was pretty obvious what they are taught. They are taught that their bread and butter is going to be senior men. Every time they see a man who is older than 60 walk out of the post office, they immediately accost him.

“Are you ready to dump Obama?”

Maybe they get a bite. Maybe they don’t.

My strategy was to get them to advocate for a candidate. They couldn’t. They simply don’t know anything about the insane man who is earning money off of their ignorance.

If they got a bite on this one, I would let their catch know that Larouche runs as a Democrat, is a former communist, and supports a massive infrastructure project.

If they are going after the Fox News demographic, then I figure it’s fair to argue against their position with something that will resonate with that demographic.

You can read the rest, including what Otto said to the cops after the Larouchies called them, here…
Preventing Crazy From Going Mainstream– Tea Time With the Larouchies

Crazy going mainstream is the story of this generation, but more dangerous when crazy goes undercover. I saw the Larouchies at the health care town halls in Rhode Island, and they were playing up to the Tea Party people big time. Middle aged white people were carrying around the Obama/Hitler magazines as if they thought that image was just fine. So many are ready to cry Nazi every time they get a parking ticket, perhaps the discourse has been polluted beyond saving, and the people really believe that Hitler was infamous for declaring that no one should be denied health care for being poor.

Otto noticed that the Larouchies were tacking right with the older folks, and left with the younger ones. Same can of worms- different branding.

There are many valid disagreements with President Obama’s positions on issues and actions while in office. It’s a widespread sentiment that the country is going in the wrong direction, though no consensus on what the right direction should be. Obama’s electoral victory disappointed many who wanted a President McCain. Free speech, passionate speech– that’s democracy.

But some of what I see on the left-wing sites is so hateful in a personal way, and came on so early, that I suspect chameleons like Lyndon Larouche as a source. Extremes tend to go full circle and meet at the fringes. Not all the left wing anger, even when over the top and personal, is insincere. Some of it, though, is coming from the extreme right and other ideologies, packaged to appeal to lefties and progressives.

Consider the source, do some fact-checking.

At one Town Hall I confronted a young black man who was carrying a stack of magazines with the Hitler/Obama image. Did that man know anything about Black History, or about WWII and the real Hitler whose atrocious regime lives on in the memories of people yet alive? Would the good people of Warwick, who sat in that Town Hall fanning themselves with Larouche’s magazine have signed on as allies of Larouche if they knew anything about the man?

I’m deep in end of life issues and government health care these days, seeing my father through Hospice. The nasty accusations that talking about mortality is the next step to ‘death panels’ is such a destructive lie. Without government health care, my parents, like millions of Americans on Medicare, would face a financial crisis as well as a health crisis. And during the debate, the loudest voices were spreading wild rumors from unclear sources, to the benefit of business as usual.

I will vote for Barack Obama in 2012. Not as a lesser of two evils, but because I think he wants to lead this country in a better direction, in the face of massive opposition from the other party, and with the challenge of two wars and a recession handed down from the last president.

I could be wrong, and good people of all points of view may disagree. But take a lesson from Larouche– an easy example. There are more covert ways to sway opinion, astroturf organizations and trojan horses, blogging trolls who try to pass for what they are not. There’s a certain tone of malice that you get to recognize, a ring to the counterfeit. Speak your conscience, support what you will, but don’t take anything at face value.

11 thoughts on “Otto Takes on the Larouchies

  1. We used to encounter Larouchites on airport patrol at O’Hare( we checked west coast and southwestern flights for illegal aliens early mornings)in the early 70’s.They were obnoxious to put it mildly.
    They occasionally would find out where people lived if the person gave them a hard time by tracing the plates(easy back then)and harrass them at home.
    One afternoon I came home from an early shift and my wife had a wman in the house explaining an anti-drug “community”program-something about the name of the group rang a bell-I asked her flat out if she was a Larouche supporter and when she said yes,I threw her out(not physically).It was a snaeaky approach in my opinion.
    One prominent Larouhite turned out to be a former member of Rockwell’s American Nazi Party-one Roy Frankhouser from Pennsylvania.

    1. I saw one of their tables at a rest stop in New Hampshire when they were on some conspiracy theory that witches were hexing the nation. I wanted to go up to the guy and wave my pentagram at him, but my husband held me back. Just as well, there’s no reasoning with them.
      But where they find disciples–that’s what I’d like to know. The crew at the West Warwick town hall were a bunch of nice looking kids, and they were actually singing some classical music quite beautifully as they handed out their hate literature.
      Flinging around Nazi accusations not only debases our current politics, it disrespects all the living and dead who suffered that history.


  2. After reading this, I’m tempted to refer to these folks as the LaDouchies.
    Not nice I know, but seems fitting.

    “I’m deep in end of life issues and government health care these days, seeing my father through Hospice.”
    I’m sitting with my father now in a “long term care” facility, in Joplin Missouri.
    I do believe he may be dying, but the doctor isn’t speaking that way…yet.
    If it weren’t for stupid Medicare rules, he could have the dignity to at least stay in our own home town, 60 miles away.
    Take care, hang in there.

    1. I’m so sorry. That’s such a burden to have him so far away. It’s exhausting just to drive 20 minutes over and over.
      Hospice has been wonderful in helping us navigate our course. My father is considering coming off and taking his chances with medical treatment, and the Hospice nurse was not surprised or thrown off. She told us how to go forward in changing from Hospice to regular medical care and will help coordinate with my father’s doctor at the VA. If he decides to get admitted to the hospital we will support him there.
      Good luck with the long term care, and take care of yourself.

    2. My father in law is in home hospice with terminal Alzheimer’s-and because my brother seems to want to deny the inevitable he is not having any dignity at all-he has a feeding tube;a catheter(causing infections);can’t eat,drink,or speak except to indicate pain by cursing(he never cursed in the past);and he has to wear “mittens”to keep him from pulling out the catheter.
      Just misery with no dignity-my wife and one of her sisters want to let him go naturally,but some people can’t be reasoned with-her brother has unrealistic hopes of a “rally”-nobody “rallies”from the last stage of that disease.
      My father had home hospice for cancer and he did go with dignity-he got pain relief and he had his faculties,and lasted
      at home til the last day when the painkillers stopped working-only one night in the hospital unconscious until I made the decision to withold blood when he developed a hemmorhage,all in accordance with his living will,which he had executed a few years before.
      My afther in law has a living will,but I’m not sure my brother in law has given it to the hospice people-he jsut won’t say.
      The nurse practioner from the hospice unit had advised(correctly)against the feeding tube.

      1. I’m sorry for what your father-in-law is going through, this must be very hard on your wife.
        It was caring for patients in that condition that convinced me that interfering with the dying process is futile and only causes suffering.

  3. They tried to suck me in by calling out that I would be sorry for not getting more involved, but I refuse to entertain the idea of civil discourse with a person whose table sports a sign linking Obama to Hitler.

    1. You think linking Obama to Hitler is weird?They have for years accused Queen Elizabeth of running an international heroin cartel.They have some delusions about the “Zionists”also,although a lot of people sign on to that.
      Don’t even bother debating them-they’re programmed to think a certain way.

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