Get Ron Paul off Rt. 195

Really. I was driving over the I-way and there on the India Point Park pedestrian bridge was a banner–‘Ron Paul for President’.

Paul zealots are far from the only ones to use the interstate as free advertising, putting their stamp on public property, and I’ve seen this stunt many times, for many causes.

But if you must put a distracting nuisance in the way of drivers who should be concentrating on the traffic–


I know I must die sometime, but I don’t want to leave this world with a flying Ron Paul sheet covering my windshield.

Ron Paul says he is the candidate of personal responsibility. So who’s responsible for taking that sheet down when the elements reduce it to a frayed Sword of Damocles dangling over rush hour. Huh?

4 thoughts on “Get Ron Paul off Rt. 195

  1. Aha-Ron Paul is your new Sarah Palin,hmmm?
    BTW the Joe McGinnis piece of salacious trash masquerading as a book on palin got a bad review from te NY Times.Not exactly friendly territory for Palin.
    I once read a non-political book by McGinnis-“Going to Extremes”and it wasn’t bad.
    He has sunk pretty low-I won’t elaborate here,but just check out the review by NYT reviewer Janet Maslin-it’s accessible on Google.
    Savannah Guthrie,another liberal,really laid into McGinnis to his face on TV this morning.
    I think McGinnis comes off as a sick puppy stalker.
    Hope you enjoyed the NY and NV election results.Barack who?
    He’s in real deep doo-doo right now.

  2. Being a product of the sixties I think we should let people’s private lives be private. On the other hand, politicians who campaign on condemning behavior that they, themselves, may have engaged in, are vulnerable to charges of hypocrisy. Maybe there is a Hypocrite Community somewhere that is ready to claim their name, but I suspect they fell prey to infighting and charges of betrayal.
    I am working on a post about how politicians can look good in the big picture while doing major harm to people at the margins. No one wants to think they might end up in a tough situation, and needing mercy, but the Buddha said that life is uncontrollable, and stuff happens. Lovingkindness you give today, you might need tomorrow. I think that is how our race has survived.

    1. Buddha?Really?
      I think Cormac McCarthy has said that in every novel he’s written.
      I certainly believe the worst that can happen is always at your shoulder and for it to be the worst it needn’t happen to you.
      I think you’re unrealistic-you can give all the lovingkindess you want and still wind up dead in the street or a basement because someone was having a bad day(or decade) and there’s no rhyme or reason to any of it,but making believe there is keeps us sane.
      I actually would like to ignore politicians,but they’re like cancer(of which I have plenty of first hand knowledge)-they still won’t ignore you.
      Security,serenity,and happiness in general are as transitory as a summer breeze.Enjoy it while it’s blowing in your face.
      If you ever try to think how your life took its path based on chance occurences,you will wind up gibbering in the IMH.
      The hypocriy thing you mention is valid,but with you ot seems only”right wingers”are guilty of it.
      Every damn “save the Earth”advocate who tools around in a private jet or a Volvo diesel is just as guilty of it as Rush Limbaugh(who I consider a gasbag)-I’m sure I’ve had my hypocritical moments,but actually I don’t much care for being two faced because it’s more fun to butt heads.
      The worst hypocrites are chickenhawks like Perle and Wolfowitz-the “let’s you and him fight”crowd.
      Actually,in the military I ran into a lot of people who were exactly “what you see is what you get”.In Vietnam some of the most senior NCO’s were on their third war and I was glad for them being there-they knew what was what.not a phony in the bunch.
      Actually,I thought Bob dole was one of the least hypocritical Presidential canddidates in my lifetime.
      I guess I’m from the 50’s since I will be 65 in a few months.
      Whoopee do!!I can get more discounts.

      1. PS-on the vagaries of life and fate-we had a Chief Master Sergeant named Sanford Cohen in Nam-he was a great individual and really knew his stuff-he survived WW2,Korea,and Vietnam and when he got home he and his wife and daughter were killed by a train because of a defective crossing signal.His daughter used to write me letters but we never met.go figure.

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