It’s All Obama’s Fault

Violent crime has shown large declines in the past two years..

Violent crime fell significantly last year in cities across the U.S., according to preliminary federal statistics, challenging the widely held belief that recessions drive up crime rates.

The incidence of violent crimes such as murder, rape and aggravated assault was down 5.5% from 2008, and 6.9% in big cities. It fell 2.4% in long-troubled Detroit and plunged 16.6% in Phoenix, despite a perception of rising crime that has fueled an immigration backlash.

The early figures, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, indicate a third straight year of decreases, along with a sharply accelerating rate of decline.

And continues to fall.

This good news, of course, is due to multiple factors, though the Wall Street Journalarticle does mention that stimulus money helped keep police on the street. I wonder if the greying of America is part of the picture? You get old, mellow out, just don’t get into robbing banks the way you used to. Just a thought.


5 thoughts on “It’s All Obama’s Fault

  1. “Immigration backlash”?
    So,let’s see-you’re glad laws against rape,robbery,assault,etc are being enforced-immigration laws which protect the country in spite of whatever you may think-well,not so much there.
    You can’t have it both ways.
    Please tell me MS 13 and similar organized groups of foreign criminals(from ALL over the world)are just a Republican straw man-and you will prove yourself grossly unaware of the facts.
    I’m sure some professional sobber like Martha Yeager knows more than I do,and I’m sure you know her.MOST aliens arrestd in the interior of the US nowadays are criminally involved.
    In RI I can tell you from hands on experience that most aliens arrested here except for a few factory raids were in that category.

  2. Interestingly,crime was more rampant in the Roaring Twenties during high times than during the Depression.
    Maybe there was less to steal.

  3. I would only add (since Phoenix was mentioned) that the Arizona “backlash” was larely due to stories of violence, menace and trashing of property near the border, Phoenix is actually quite a long way away.

    For me, the main objections to illegal immigration are it undermines wages and labor standards here, it breeds disrespect for law, and it contributes to our rapid population rise which in many area of he country has degraded he environment and quality of life. But at least we are generally deporting those who are criminals that we catch.

    1. That is a very well-informed take on the immigration issue.
      It is not something legislators really like to go near in any meaningful way.

    2. A lot of crimes committed by drug involved persons against others in the same business goes unreported for reasons obvious to anyone paying attention.
      This also applies to crimes against illegal aliens,although during the time I was assigned to RI the INS did not move to deport persons victimized in serious offenses or essential witnesses in such cases,despite what the “advocates”would have one believe.In one case we kept witnesses around for seven years,to the point where a few of them wound up legalizing their status through legitimate channels.The case involved the aggravated murder of an illegal alien by another illegal alien-the RI State Police,AG,and INS treated with the same gravity as any aggravated murder-lives are worth the same regardless of paperwork.The Nancy Grace Show might disagree,but the hell with her anyway.
      I really can’t speak to what has happened since I retired 15 years ago because it’s not like I have any contact with the Providence ICE office.

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