Dispatches from the Bunker

Something very silly but made me laugh this morning. From Bill in Portland, Maine via Daily Kos…

“Morning, Al.”
“Morning, Mr. Perkins, sir!”
“So the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy has been off the books for a full day. What are you hearing from your operatives in the field? Is it as bad as we knew it would be?”
“Um…no, sir. All sectors are quiet, sir.”
“What? That’s impossible! Gimme that radio! Sector Bravo! Sector Bravo! This is Jesus’ Bosom! Come in Sector Bravo, this is Jesus’ Bosom!”

“Sector Bravo here. Hi, Tony! You’re not gonna believe this—it’s quiet as a church here.”
“What do you mean quiet? Do the personnel on-base know homosexuals are now serving openly?”
“Yes sir. Doesn’t seem to faze anyone. Everyone’s takin’ it in stride.”

More from the frontlines of the Apocalypse here.


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