It’s So Hurtful

I’m taking a lunch break at Stop and Shop, using their network and checking out my stats and my friend’s blogs.

Or trying to. Nomi’s blog, ‘I Dreamed I Saw Grace P. Today’ is forbidden on this network. Likewise ‘Echidne of the Snakes’.

Has Nomi spent too much time hanging out with ‘Jesus’ General’? The General does get into some personal matters every other sentence or so. And his gladiator obsession is kind of much.

Kmareka is not forbidden. Possibly because our editorial policy bans any language that Kiersten’s kids can’t see.

But maybe that’s not it. Maybe compared to Nomi we are harmless and uncontroversial. Maybe we’re not important enough to be banned in the Stop and Shop. It’s so hurtful.

One thought on “It’s So Hurtful

  1. Shame on you for shopping at Stop&Shop.
    OK,now that we’re moving on here,maybe they have child settings on their computer and maybe those sites have some strong language-I wouldn’t know.
    Doesn’t exactly reek of conspiracy.
    Go to Price Rite on Valley Street-lower prices,no outdated crap,and really nice produce.
    Aldi’s ain’t too shabby either.It’s on Smith St hidden behind Little Caesar’s Pizza.

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