Interviews with Parents from Achievement First New York

There are two of these.  This first one is very good.  There is some unfortunate noise in the background for the first 10 minutes or so, but you can still hear the parent, and what she has to say confirms a lot of my suspicions about the way corporate-run charter schools with extreme disciplinary policies run.  As she put it at one point, children are taught that, “All of your independent thinking is not necessary.  All of your creative thinking is not necessary.”

2 thoughts on “Interviews with Parents from Achievement First New York

  1. I have heard similar issues with the Achievement First middle schools- that the discipline system is unfair and too strict and that the academics are subpar. These are serious issues that should be discussed.

    However, to call it “corporate-run” or a money-making endeavor is absolutely false and absurd. It is a non-profit, as are all charter schools in New York. You can look up the laws about charter schools and even find audited financial statements for each of the schools online. (For example: )

    Please don’t spread misinformation and falsehoods.

  2. Non-profits can be corporations, too.

    Blue Cross is a non-profit, and let me tell you, the CEO does pretty well for himself.

    ‘Non-profit’ only means that the business does not show profits. However, it does not, by any stretch, limit what the people at the top can make.

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