Tea Party and the 99%

This writer has been accused of favoring the Occupy Providence activists over the Tea Partiers who have gathered at the State House from time to time. This is so hurtful.

Anyway, thank you, Rhode Island’s Future for posting a link to GoLocalProvidence, and Tom Sgouros, whose perceptive take on local and global economics is always worth checking out…

You’ll hear bad comparisons between these protests and the Tea Party protests. There are important parallels between them: both are fueled by people who (accurately) see their horizons needlessly blocked and who (accurately) see expenses rising and know that life in a rich country need not be so straitened. I think it’s important to see that both groups are part of the “99%” referred to in the Occupy protests.

The big difference I see is that the Tea Party leaders — the organizers, corporate funders, and Fox News hosts who did so much to drive turnout to the early events — see government as the only possible source of oppression and see salvation in the private sector, while the Occupy movement sees oppression — and salvation — in both the private and public sectors.

Sgouros lists some especially shocking examples of free-market gone wild– you can read the rest here.

5 thoughts on “Tea Party and the 99%

  1. Hurtful?I made that remark,more or less,and from reading what you’ve written here in the past I think it’s true.
    I really can’t figure out specifically what OWS and its counterparts elsewhere want.It seems like a diffuse set of discontents and no focus on a realistic approach.
    I spoke with Ray Watson and another man named Jonathan(forget last name)on the Helen Glover Show yesterday and said basically the same thing while suggesting that maybe something like trying to get all but individually donated money out of politics might be something people across the political spectrum could agree on.They didn’t have a problem with my suggestion,and while I’m not with the Tea Party,I make no secret of being conservative,mainly on social issues.
    If you’re going to be in the milieu of competing political/social ideas don’t be hurt so easily-it’s too aggravating.
    I get a kick out of “klaus”trying to school me here with his puffed up attempts to talk down.I sure don’t let it bother me personally-maybe it comes from being called every rotten name in Creation when I was doing my job.I always figured it meant I was effective.

  2. I’d subscribed to GoLocalProvidence’s feeds just to be sure to catch all of Tom’s writings. His is one of the wisest in Rhode Island.

    1. I’m all for that as long as other non-individual contributions are eliminated,meaning unions and PAC’s of any stripe.
      Trrouble is the only way to nullify a SCOTUS decision is either another decision by the same court overturning it(rare as hen’s teeth)or a Constitutional amendment.No easy task either one.

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