Occupy Providence Day 7– Health and Education

It’s about 9:30 and at the bottom of the bus tunnel is a parade of about 30 occupiers starting up Waterman Street. Sign says, ‘bail out students, not the banks’. They are on their way to occupy Brown.

In Burnside Park the tents are still up but no crowds. The media tent is unstaffed, a banner on the awning says, ‘PFD Supports Occupy PVD’ with a picture of the Fire Department seal. The food and medical booths are busy, people sitting out on benches. Some live here all year.

Note to Public Safety– I’ve never seen the park this clean.

Some of the chalk graffiti is gone, maybe washed away by the rain. Someone has put up a sign objecting to Ron Paul signs being taken down. His supporters are the only ones trying to claim this movement for a politician, and not getting many recruits as far as I can see. On a tree is posted an ‘Occupy World Map’.

Meetings and Events are posted thru the weekend. ‘Occu-Stock’ is planned for India Point Park on Oct. 27-29 4-11pm.

At the medical tent I talk to the organizer, but am interrupted twice by people dropping off donations. She has her feet up, blister and swelling. I give her some first aid and advice. Foot problems come with constant walking and staying outdoors. I plan to return with more gauze– the little first aid kit doesn’t have much.

I’m on my way to check on my Dad and can’t stay longer. Karen Lee Ziner has a great article in today’s Providence Journal. I can’t find it on the site– it’s front page on the print edition.

I took a lot of pix, will post them later.

7 thoughts on “Occupy Providence Day 7– Health and Education

  1. I haven’t read Ms.Ziner’s article,but I have read most of what she’s written on immigration and she slants her “news”articles on the subject as much as any opinion columnist,so I suspect her creds as a reporter as opposed to a commentator.

  2. Nancy-I don’t know what your comment emant,but look at it this way-Ian Donnis is pretty much of a liberal/progressive in general as far as his publicly stated opinions are concerned,but I have always noticed that when he reports a NEWS story,it is done in an evenhanded manner with regard for actual facts and his personal point of view doesn’t intrude.
    If Bob Kerr or Froma Harrop wants to haul out the crying towel on a particular subject,fine -they are columnists,not reporters.
    The Projo has a few reporters who understand the role they play-Kathy Gregg and Amanda Milkovits come to mind.
    Scott Mackay from NPR is another opinion driven individual,but I don’t know if he is supposed to be a reporter or a commentator.
    I would imagine you could much better evaluate a story on nursing care than I could-give me the same respect for being able to know the facts on the ground in an immigration story and being able to know when BS is being thrown.

    1. Unless,like “klaus”you think I wait each day to learn my opinion on any given subject from Rusha Limbaugh or Glenn Beck.

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