Occupy Providence on Sunday Afternoon

Facilitation Meeting at Occupy Providence

We finally made it to Occupy Providence today, to provide some pictures and a report from the heart of the movement. Ninjanurse has been doing us proud with daily posts all week, despite lots of other forces in her life that would normally take over and render a person incapable of blogging. But Nancy, like the Occupy Providence movement itself, is undaunted by it all, and keeps bringing us back home to the essential messages that make the Occupy movement worth joining.

While we were there, the Episcopal church provided a service of prayer in support of the movement. There were probably 50-75 of us, amidst another hundred to two hundred people occupying the park. The tents are plentiful and colorful, and General Burnside has also been decorated.

WPRO was there interviewing one of the Occupy members. The group did a “Mic check” to get everyone’s attention and then announced about when and where to gather to go the action at Sheldon Whitehouse’s community dinner. This action was leaving at 5 pm to bring a group of members to show the presence of the movement outside the Senator’s community dinner, and also to have a member of the movement ask the Senator his views on the Occupy Providence movement when he takes questions after the dinner.

A friend had dropped off some food for us to bring — a 10 pound bag of potatoes, 10 pounds of rice, some big cans of beans, some fruit. We handed them in at the food tent, where it appears they are making food and providing food for free all day long.

The feeling there, on this splendid Fall afternoon, was one of peace and hope. People were meeting and talking in earnest about what the next moves would be. People were praying together, looking up at the beautiful clear sky, and around at the other like-minded people in their presence. There were many dogs being walked, and petitions being signed, and regular Americans wandering around and wondering at where we are and how we got here.


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