Provocateurs Already

No surprise. Check this out and keep the faith with a drug-free, alcohol-free and violence-free occupation. If someone seems provocative, they may be there to provoke, and cameras are everywhere.

The Occupation has power, and there are plenty trying to harness it for their own ends or cash in, but we’ve been there before and we know what to do. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King– he walked this road before us.

4 thoughts on “Provocateurs Already

  1. In a loose,quasi-ashram type setting there is a real likeliehood of undesirables showing up.
    It doesn’t have to be a Cointelpro situation,but I guess it’s more fun to suspect a plot than to see it for probably the routine appearance of everyday lowlifes.
    Apparently,some Level 3 sex offenders have been identified by the police there.

  2. And BTW this commune type decision making has never been effective in any group of any size.i.e. local,state,or national government.
    Read the history of the Bavarian “people’s republic”or Hungary’s Bela Kun regime immediately following WW1.
    Just doen’t work-ever.

  3. Wow. The guy giving away rolling papers is quite the ‘d-bag’. Still, the overall take-away for me was that the Occupiers (in the video) are jerks and idiots, more into defending their own ‘side’ instead of just letting the guy do his pseudojournalism thing.

    I think OWS accomplished the point of raising the issue and letting the world know that there are solid numbers behind a leftward move. Now things are just getting redundant and silly.

    1. Being against corporate abuse and banking power isn’t necessarily leftist with all their social engineering bullcrap.
      People don’t want to be put back to kindergarten level by those with more degrees than common sense.
      I think most who appear “leftist”like Obama and Gore are nothing but control freaks.
      Hillary Clinton is a prime example.

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