Occupy Providence Setting up More Permanent Camp in Burnside

From the notes posted on the Occupy Providence community page on Facebook, it appears that the movement is building an encampment that they hope will last the winter. Hopefully their legal defense will hold up as long as their physical encampment, as they have reportedly hired Miriam Weizenbaum (of DeLuca and Weizenbaum,the firm where Taveras Senior Legal Counsel Matt Jerzyk used to work — small world!) to represent them legally in the eviction case filed by the City of Providence.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Providence Setting up More Permanent Camp in Burnside

  1. I thought I recognized the Jerzyk connection.
    You gotta give it to Matt-he keeps his hand in the mix.(I’m not being mean or sarcastic-I always enjoyed debating with Matt).

  2. My wife was a delegate at the Episcopal Convention last week and she told me that neither Occupy,same sex marriage,nor immigration were anywhere on the agenda.
    I spoke with three Occupy people on a radio show and they were well-spoken,not seemingly radical anarchists,but they really didn’t come across as having a lot of specifics to address-more like a general sense of discontent-heck,any ten people at random you could choose and probably eight would have the same sense of things being messed up.
    But you’d probably get eight different reasons.

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