Cost Per Vote

Thought for the day before I head off to work–

I once read an analysis of an election where the losing candidate invested his personal fortune and major money in the campaign. Dividing that number by number of votes he got gave the ‘cost per vote’ figure. His opponent spent less and got more votes and won.

I have already been personally called by Wayne La Pierre of the NRA (National Rifle Association), though possibly it was a recording– I was on my way out and couldn’t talk to him. I also have Herman Cain of the NRA (National Restaurant Association) popping up on every web page I visit, begging for $999,000. Right now I don’t even have $9.99 to spare so his pleas are wasted on me.

I have not forgotten the election of 2000, and Florida’s Secretary of State Kathyrn Harris. I have not forgiven her flawed blacklist of banned voters that resulted in citizens being turned away at the polls because someone with a similar name appeared on her list. And I am not reconciled to states narrowing access to the vote in a witch hunt for voter fraud at the polls. Voter fraud is much more efficient at higher levels.

The deluge of money into our electoral process, amplified since the Citizens United decision, will result in the death of many trees and gazillions of kilowatts of screen power to direct our attention to the most well-funded candidates.

However, there is not a straight line between cost per vote and winning. The dedication of people who are Occupying worldwide is driven by a sense of urgency not owned by any political party or drummed up by advertising.

The cost per vote, really, is the sweat, blood and tears of patriots. When we defend our voting rights and the rights of others we are defending Democracy from the appeals to fear and apathy that serve the interests of the corporate persons who can outspend any mere human citizen.

4 thoughts on “Cost Per Vote

  1. I think you can rest assured Wayne LaPierre wasn’t making a live call to you.
    Boy,did he waste a robo-call or what?Maybe he can call Karina Wood next,hmmm?
    I guess you’re against Voter ID?
    I personally believe every registered voter should have to produce proof of US citizenship because many non-citizens can obtain legitimate state issued ID such a drivers’ licenses or State ID cards,but they cannot legally vote.
    I can’t understand why one has to produce such proof to get a passport,but not to register to vote.
    You don’t want people disenfranchised?OK.I don’t want my franchise invalidated by a non-citizen voting.
    It’s not like gay marriage-my marriage isn’t affected by two same sex people getting married.
    My rights a s a US citizen are,however affected by non-citizens voting in direct violation of US law.
    I realize you like to pick and choose the laws that should be respected,but it doesn’t work that way.We either are a nation of laws or a chaotic free for all.There is no middle ground.
    Some halfwit here once suggested I was fabricating nstances of non-citizens voting-the people I locked up for it didn’t think it was fabricated when they were sitting in a Federal prison.

  2. And alas, I fear Herman Cain didn’t really want to talk to me personally when leaving a message on my answering machine.
    This time I tend to agree with “observer” about ID for voting. I have been a poll worker and was surprised at how casual it was. Yet we must have confidence in the legitimacy of the vote. However, knowing Rhode Island, I think rather than illegal voting, it may be more likely that some folks deliberately vote in an incorrect address in order to help friends, or help them by voting instead of someone whom they know is unavailable. My town led the state in the % of dead people still on the rolls. At any rate I don’t think our id law should supress the vote of eligible voters, not only are free id cards offerred, if in doubt our law calls for conditional votes that count if verified by the Bord of Canvassers.

    1. Barry-naturalized citizens already have their certificate and can show it or merely submit the number(naturalization certificates can’t be copied)so there’s no additional cost involved.

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