Exploiting Human Resources

I’ll just post a link since Kristin says it all…

My name is Kristin Rawls. I am thirty-one years old. I am not a drug user. I am not an alcoholic. My crime is that I went to school, and then I got sick. Today, I cannot even rent an apartment on my own without a co-signer. And the way things are going—the more things are deregulated—I’m not optimistic that that will always be enough.

‘I Cannot Eat Your Prayers’–how student debt changed one woman’s mind on Christian charity.


2 thoughts on “Exploiting Human Resources

  1. Okay, I admit it. I really don’t like Christmas. Really.
    During this holiday, all I can think of is people in situations like this. And then I see idiots who are proud of spending $25,000 a month just to power their christmas lights. I doubt that Christ would approve. Feed the needy, not your ego.

    I am thankful for what I have. Hope your christmas finds you doing well.

    1. I used to be much worse this time of year, until I stopped feeling guilty about opting out of all the shopping, and just going to the occasional party. There are worse crimes than that.

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