4 thoughts on “What’s Up With This?

    1. I went by today. The Occupiers are still there in Burnside Park keeping the faith. I brought them love from First Unitarian Church coffee hour, with cream and sugar.
      Our challenge now is to keep the pressure on for a safe place for homeless people to get out of the cold. That place could be a hub for communication and social services.
      Let it be.

  1. Hey Nancy,

    I was able to read much of what that poster said, and it really is just an answer to the question, “Who is Jesus.” No repentance language that I could find. Would love to chat with some of your Russian neighbors someday. I really miss those days!

    1. thanks Tess. There were a lot of different posters, the rainstorm took most of them down. I’ll keep an eye out for what appears next. I’ve often wished I could ask you to translate, our neighborhood really needs a Russian Tea Room since the candy store closed.

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