Occupy Providence Press Conference Today

From Facebook–

1:00pm until 4:00pm

This press conference is being called in regards to the result of the passed proposal in agreement with the city to open the day center.

The city has publicly announced that they plan to open the doors of the day center on Wednesday. In doing so the members present at media’s meeting feel that a press conference on behalf of Occupy Providence TUESDAY JANUARY 24,2012 at 1pm on the steps of city hall is appropriate to declare its one of many victories against economic injustice.

Please SHARE THIS! Bring a friend! Celebrate this wonderful event!

When the Occupiers set up their tents in Burnside Park this Fall, they talked with the people downtown who had nowhere else to go during the day. We’ve all known for years that homeless people have to move from place to place all day, between leaving the shelters in the morning and catching the bus back at night. In the winter, this becomes dangerous.

I talked to one of the Occupiers about two months ago. He said the Occupation would not abandon the people they had come to know over the months.

I am so proud of the Occupation and the City of Providence.

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