For those who care to know, there is a little more to the story of Sam Zurier and the Whitmans than the Providence Journal is telling you.

On Politics

Shortly after his election, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras held a news conference where he praised City Council President Michael Solomon and said he was proud to live in the Mount Pleasant-Elmhurst neighborhood and have council president Solomon as his councilman.

Minutes later, Jeff Padwa, the new city solicitor, who lives on the East Side, joked that his councilman Sam Zurier, was the smartest member of the city council, a political body that has never been confused with a Mensa meeting.

Zurier is a Yale grad and Rhodes scholar. But after reading Sunday’s ProJo story about his joust with two of his constituents, it is clear that Zurier is not a Rhode Island scholar.

The ProJo article, written by two of the newspaper’s top reporters, Mike Stanton and Kathy Gregg, paints a tough portrait of Zurier, a rookie council member and former Providence School Board member.

The gist of the piece…

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  1. I wonder when they’re going to bring the coffee back to the Hope/Rochambeau corner? How about it guys, get a coffee and live music spot where 729 Hope Street used to be. Your constituents will thank you. Man cannot live on wings alone.

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