Gov. Malloy Backs out of Attending Rally with Michelle Rhee

To alienate the ed reformers or to not alienate the ed reformers, that is the question…

Wait, What?

Moments ago Rick Green posted the following to his blog;

“Gov. Malloy will not appear at a March education rally being organized by a coalition of parent groups. The parents hope to have Michelle Rhee, the former Washington D.C. Schools chancellor who enrages teacher unions with her reform ideas, at the event. Although the Connecticut Parents Union announced that Malloy had committed to the event, the governor’s office says he will not be attending. Probably a wise move. Rhee and her supporters can be very useful to Malloy as he looks for support for his education reform plan. Standing up in public with her, however, would just annoy the teacher unions.



PS:  Rick, It is more than just the “teacher unions” that are shocked and  upset that Dan Malloy would join Michelle Rhee or any of the others who are leading the anti-teacher movement.

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