The New Frontier

Earthrise from Apollo 8
Earthrise from Apollo 8

It’s hard to believe fifty years have passed…

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) – Astronaut John Glenn, marking the 50th anniversary on Monday of his historic flight as the first American to orbit the Earth, remembered it as the best day of his life.

Glenn, 90, told an audience in Columbus, Ohio that the flight was the result of “more than two years of training and working with a marvelous team.”

“That is why the craft was called Friendship 7, because of the team,” he said.

Glenn’s groundbreaking flight on February 20, 1962 put the United States into a heated space race with the Soviet Union, which had launched cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into orbit 10 months earlier.

Astronaut Glenn returned to space at age 77 for science experiments on the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Where is the next New Frontier? I see a Green Energy Race. Optimistic? Yes. When you know that we put a man on the moon you’re not afraid to think big.

And let’s hear it for science. When you’re sitting in a tin can orbiting earth you trust the ground crew to work on fact, not opinion. Especially when they are calculating how to get the Friendship back without burning up in the atmosphere. Faith has its place, but not in math.

One thought on “The New Frontier

  1. It’s amazing that I’ve lived long enough to witness our nation’s ability to put a man into space orbit and descend to the point of not being able to carry on a civil discussion about that same nation’s future.

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