Wow and holy cow. It looks like there are some issues at the Treasury Office here in Rhode Island.

On Politics

The office of State Treasurer Gina Raimondo has released the following response to claims by Providence City Councilor David Salvatore that he was fired, in violation of his free speech rights:

David Salvatore’s allegation is absolutely untrue.

Treasurer Raimondo continues to encourage all stakeholders – including Councilman Salvatore – to engage in the process of overhauling Rhode Island’s ailing municipal pension systems. The engagement of all Rhode Island leaders, stakeholders and citizens was vital to the successful passage of the Rhode Island Retirement Security Act of 2011.

Treasury remains focused on delivering results for the people of Rhode Island. During the past 14 months, Treasury has undergone a comprehensive assessment to achieve better Treasury-wide performance. Treasury has been making a number of organizational and structural changes with its at-will employee positions in order to streamline work, create efficiencies and align the office to better achieve Treasury goals. As one example, Treasury…

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