Class consciousness is on the rise — finally! Brought to you in part by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Job Market Monitor

The Occupy Wall Street movement no longer occupies Wall Street, but the issue of class conflict has captured a growing share of the national consciousness. A new Pew Research Center survey of 2,048 adults finds that about two-thirds of the public (66%) believes there are “very strong” or “strong” conflicts between the rich and the poor—an increase of 19 percentage points since 2009.

Not only have perceptions of class conflict grown more prevalent; so, too, has the belief that these disputes are intense. According to the new survey, three-in-ten Americans (30%) say there are “very strong conflicts” between poor people and rich people. That is double the proportion that offered a similar view in July 2009 and the largest share expressing this opinion since the question was first asked in 1987.

As a result, in the public’s evaluations of divisions within American society, conflicts between rich and poor now rank…

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  1. Class consciousness?Are you poor?I doubt it.I also doubt you’re rich.You’re probably somewhere in the middle like me and tired of being pulled at because it’s easy-the rich shield their wealth and the poor haven’t any.
    Then there are the pretend poor like the woman in Providence who was running a heroin distribution business while collecting welfare and food stamps-all the time owning an Escalade and a Harley.No,she wasn’t an illegal alien,and so far as I could tell none of her crew was either.She’s an inconvenient truth for progressives.

    1. That there’s bad people? That’s not news to anyone. There’s bad politicians, priests, cops and doctors, but we don’t abolish those professions.
      I’m not imagining the boarded up houses, the people begging on the street, the loss of jobs. Some of this is global forces no one completely controls, but this recession has been much worse by decades of pulling money out of the public good to give tax breaks to the rich.

  2. Yo,Nancy,I haven’t gotten such tax breaks,and I have some people in my family who are poor.I share with them.So do other relatives.
    My point about the woman in Providence apparently went right by you-it was that such aid was being handed out with no apparent oversight.It could’ve gone to some people who really needed it.
    i just had to prove my eligibility for a homestead exemption,mainly by presenting my auto registrations and license.
    This “governor”you like so much should be pursued for back taxes since he apparently had a Providence homestead exemption and registered his 11 vehicles in Exeter.Think that’ll ever happen?Not in this world.Have any thoughts on that?
    Oh yeah,he voted in Warwick.

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