My Free Speech

Marti Rosenberg posted this on Facebook today–
“As you can see, I’m incensed beyond belief by Limbaugh. Here’s the email I just wrote to WHJJ, at Steal my format, make up your own – just let them see our rage in Rhode Island!”

Hello – I have been outraged since hearing the Rush Limbaugh attacks on Sandra Fluke.

Advertiser after advertiser has realized that this time, his comments were not “opinion” or “attempts at humor” as you characterized them on your Facebook page, but mean, rude, and completely unnecessary personal attacks. You can agree or not with her position, or her desire to testify before Congress, but to call her a prostitute because she has used birth control – to be an example to my daughter and my son that this type of behavior is just an attempt at humor – simply goes too far.

I don’t know who is reading this, but would you want your children or other family members to hear Rush Limbaugh, or for them to be treated how he treated (and continues to treat) Sandra Fluke, even after his so-called apology? I think not.

So, WHJJ, if you continue to make excuses for his inexcusable behavior, and keep his show on your channel, I will not listen to you any more, nor will I patronize your advertisers.

Please join your sister stations in Hawaii and Massachusetts, and take Rush Limbaugh off the air in Rhode Island – in which case, WHJJ (and your other Providence stations) will return to my radio dial and I will happily shop with your advertisers.


Marti Rosenberg
Cranston, RI

It’s usually like pulling teeth to get me to write a letter, but here I am all caffeinated and Marti makes it easy by posting the email address. So here’s my free speech…

Dear Program Director,
Like the man said, there’s free speech, and then there’s shouting ‘fire’ in a
crowded theater. Rush Limbaugh’s personal attacks on a young student,
Sandra Fluke, have crossed the line from free speech to incitement to violence.
For that matter, Limbaugh’s speech is paid speech, and you’re paying him.
How about spending that money on local programming? You may not know this, but
Limbaugh drives away listeners too. This latest rant is aimed at women
generally, and we are more than 50% of the population.
Again, Limbaugh is paid, and you’re paying him. Is he worth your support?
I hope you will trade him in for someone who will speak for Rhode Islanders, and give us a reason to tune in to WHJJ. Thank you for your consideration.
Nancy Green, RN
Providence, RI

Limbaugh likes to present himself as a cheerful provocateur, but lately he sounds like a bitter old man. Perhaps the bitter old man demographic is a good group to market to, and WHJJ’s sponsors are enjoying the controversy. It’s all on the balance sheet, is he worth what they pay him?

This here is free speech, uncensored and owing nothing to anyone. You won’t get paid for sending an email to WHJJ, but if you’re inclined to express yourself, you can send it here–

10 thoughts on “My Free Speech

  1. Wow-Marti Rosenberg and Nancy Green demand WHJJ drop Limbaugh.I am sure the corporation that owns the station is shaking in their boots.
    If you don’t like Limbaugh,don’t listen.I don’t.
    Who else do you wnat off the air?
    They tried liberal talk radio -Air America-it didn’t make the cut.
    WHJJ tried Howie Barte-he was a miserable failure pushing liberal/left agenda material.
    Sandra Fluke is no more of a victim than was Laura Ingraham when that scum Ed Schultz called her a “slut”.Neither woman deserved it.
    The filth put out by the left about Sarah Palin was even worse in some cases.
    Selective ethics again on display here.

  2. BTW Kirsten Powers called outt he leftist misogynists for what they are.
    Kirsten Powers is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.
    Paula Deen outed Michelle Obama for stuffing her face with loads of fried food and the thin skinned First Lady got all riled up over it.I guess because she wants to be seen as a guru of healthy eating.

  3. “Conservatives” who routinely demonize liberrals both in general and in particular are so so sensitive about even the mildest criticism of their heroes like Rush. Sarah Palin got mostly a free ride from the media that has helped make her rich.

    Rush and his wanabees have mastered the “big lie” – that there is a liberal media (when we all know in reality the corporate owned media tilts right in their agenda, talk radio is totally right-wing owned, even local papers like the Breeze follow the right-wing party line) that public employees are to blame for the financial crisis, that Obama wants to weaken America, that unions run Rhode Island…. All total nonsense.

    This is not to deny that unions, pubic employees, liberals etc make unreasonable demands or foolishly insult their opponents. But the lack of civil discourse is so overwhelmingly on the right wing side, they should be ashamed.

    1. You’re free to make assertions which I will freely deny.
      Public employees(of which I was one)need to be cognizant that they have a responsibility to the public they serve.Sometimes I think that gets lost in the conversation.Many do a great job,but sometimes their union leadership gets so intransigent that they wind up screwing the people they represent AND the public.
      The MSM may be corporate but the journalists themselves tend to be liberal-liberals predominate at any major school of journalism among both students and faculty.
      Unions have a very large influence in the General asembly-my State Senator Ruggiero is agreat example-a highly paid union official of the Laborers-a real king of nepotism and tit for tat favoritism too.
      Rush Limbaugh can go screw himself for all I care-I got to my point of view all by myself.
      I do believe Obama resents this country for some reason and is hell bent upon putting us under international control-his apologies to the world for the country he leads are obscene.
      Obama seems to really believe his own hype.
      No point in going on-you seem to like him just fine.
      if obama doesn’t want to weaken America,then why does he want to deplete our nuclear strike capability just when the world is again becoming a tense stage again-really the worst it’s been since the fall of the Iron Curtain.
      Michelle Obama’s comment about never being proud of America until her husband was elected tells volumes.She attended a church of hate and got him involved also.
      Nancy can rant and rave about how wonderful the Church of Christ is,but that Rev.Wright is a purveyor of racial/ethnic hate.Period.

  4. I guess Bill Maher,Keith Olbermann,Ed Schultz,and Al Sharpton are the paragons of “civil discourse”,hmm Barry?Just try to be honest and admit that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between most of the talking heads these days when it comes to style.

  5. Joe, we’ve had this conversation many times.

    I accept that you do not listen to Rush. The problem is that, until now, whatever Rush says ends up as a mandatory Republican talking point.

    For a period after the 2008 election debacle, Rush was the de facto leader of the Republican party/

    Over the past few years, several Republicans who dared even to disagree slightly with Rush have been pilloried by the RW to the point that they’ve had to do public repentance of the action. Once, it was for daring to say that Rush is an ‘entertainer’. Such is the power he has within Republican circles.

    You may not listen to Rush, buy you have repeated his talking points many times. whether you realized it or not.

    There is no one even vaguely close to this level of influence on the left. Joe, as you noted, Air America didn’t fly; there is no market for liberal talk radio for whatever reason. This rather undercuts your position that Olbermann & the rest have a stature in LW circles similar to that of Rush on the right. By your own evidence, you show otherwise.

    Keith Olbermann was fired; could you imagine that happening to Hannity? Or Rush?

    WHJJ claims to present ‘all types of political discourse.’ So where are the three hours of liberal opinion each day that they broadcast Rush?

    The criticism of Sarah Palin was based on the wild notion that she may not have the experience and background to be the leader of the Free World. Did some commentators go beyond that? Probably, but I really can’t think of any specific examples that got to be mainstream LW talking points.

    The criticism of Michele Obama is based on…what? That people don’t like her husband? OK, she gets a bit huffy from time to time. But Sarah Palin publicly lied by saying the healthcare act contained provisions for ‘death panels.’

    Do we see a bit of an incongruity there?

  6. Klaus-the LW has a nasty habit of calling people “racist’for the mere fact that they may believe Federal immigration laws ought to be enforced.They do this repeatedly-it sucks.And it’s untrue.
    I am unaware of Rush Limbaugh’s “talking points”-I don’t doubt I’ve agreed with some of what he says -even a stopped clock is right twice a day goes the old saying.
    I didn’t like Michelle Obama’s comment above as I pointed out.
    I never thought Palin was a suitable candidate,but that hardly justifies Bill Maher making fun of her mentally challenged child.
    You want a LW’er who’s actually caused bloodshed and who still has a media job?Al Sharpton.Just try me on that one and you better have something substantial.

  7. WHJJ may be referring to the fact that people can call in with opposing viewpoints.
    I only listen to Helen Glover on WHJJ-none of the rest of them,except the Daria Bruno Show on Saturdays which concerns firearms and isn’t overtly political except in defending firearms rights.

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