Just a Flesh Wound

This episode of Monty Python and the Black Knight is dedicated to Rush Limbaugh, who insists that advertisers are begging to be allowed back on his show.

Raw Story reports Public Service Announcements and dead air on Thursday.

And one of Limbaugh’s remaining advertisers, a vitamin for memory loss, is causing troubles for a real health care company…

Louisville, Ky.— A Kentucky-based health care company has sued to protect its name after being involuntarily drawn into the backlash over Rush Limbaugh’s derisive comments about a Georgetown law student.

Louisville-based Humana, the parent company of Concentra Health Services, filed on Thursday for a preliminary injunction to stop the Preval Group of Portland, Maine, from using the name Concentra to market memory aid pills.

Humana said in court filings it received angry phone calls, emails and web postings after an ad for Concentra pills aired on Limbaugh’s show Monday. Concentra Health and the Preval Group are not related.

Here’s Concentra’s disclaimer. It’s on a big tab on their home page called ‘Limbaugh Ad Confusion’. I think Preval would like to forget they named their potion after a branch of a mega-corporation, but you can’t say Limbaugh’s ads don’t get attention.

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