I thought last year that a church trying to hop on the back of the Charlie Sheen debacle to promote its Easter services was probably the worst Easter idea ever. Apparently I was wrong.

This year, Church on the Rock, has decided the whole dying for mankind and returning from the dead story needed to be spiced up a bit with the most logical of all associations, Batman.

Batman and Robin discover the true meaning of Easter set to some of the great music of our time… Wow. Holy ridiculousness Batman!

I can just see the ‘awesome’ dialogue in this travesty now

Robin: Why are they crucifying him, Batman?
Batman: Because he has to die.
Robin: But he didn’t do anything wrong.
Batman: He’s the hero humanity deserves, and  the one it needs right now. So they’ll crucify him. Because he can take it. Because…

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  1. I always thought of Batman as being some kind of dark, Germanic story about an ubermensch. I can’t see Jesus as a tormented vigilante. Happy Easter, watch out for rabbits, they are rodents.

    1. You ever get the idea that you may sometimes overthink things?Sometimes a comic book hero is just a comic book hero.That’s all batman was to me.I think I saw two of the films-eh.
      I prefer The Heroic Trio and Executioners for superhero films-Hong Kong insanity,but really good.

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