BREAKING: Bush Opposes Taxing the Rich

What a surprise.  George Bush wants all the tax breaks to stay in place for the 1%.  “Leave capital in the treasuries of the job creators,”  he says in the article linked below.  Here’s a concept:  what about letting the middle class be job creators?  What about helping small businesspeople feel economically strong enough to expand and carry out a plan that would involve employing other people?  That would mean the wealthy paying a little more in taxes so that the middle class could see some relief.  The Buffet Rule legislation could move us in that direction.  But first, a word from our primary sponsor of the Great Recession:  Bush wishes his name wasn’t attached to tax cuts – Apr. 10, 2012.

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Bush Opposes Taxing the Rich

  1. Before waxing euphoric over Sheldon Whitehouse,remember,as the panel on Newsmakers did this past Sunday(White,Nesi,Donnis-not exactly the Tea Party)how he and Chafee and many other liberal elitists are born into their wealth and therefore don’t have to sweat higher income tax rates.
    Whitehouse danced around the subject(big surprise)-he stinks of hypocrisy every time he speaks.

  2. As headlines do indeed get attention, I think “ninja Nurse” should suggest some “headlines” she would like to read as she once did about books she would like to see written. I would suggest these examples: “Bush supports higher taxes on the rich” or “Obama, Romney and their supporters agree to not run campaign ads” or “Pope Benedict grooming woman to succeed him as pope” or “Pepsi, Coke support tax on sugary drinks” or “Joe says liberal elitists are right about taxes” or “chocolate is good for health ” – oops, that one really happened

    1. So-please explain why you believe Whitehouse really gives a damn about you-I know this guy from my former job-he’s a real arrogant phony.
      Frankly,it’s okay with me if multimillionaires kick in a few more bucks.but families making $250,000 or more?That sounds too much like small business people-you know,the ones that supply most private sector jobs?

  3. Reality can be nasty. The reality is that the “1%” pay 47% of all taxes paid, and almost half of the American population of working folks pays zero income tax–no federal taxes at all. The fact is that if the 1% or 10% of highest earners had 100% of all their money taken as taxes, the government would run for perhaps 1.5 days. The old and overused statemement is not that there is too little taxation, there is too much spending, remains true. It is dangerous that 43% of every dollar government spends is borrowed and is a road to disaster for everyone. In New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago or Los Angeles, $250,000 is not a lot, and is barely “middle class” and not many folks in that income bracket create jobs.

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