John Pennington from San Fransisco gives us a good tutorial on how to distinguish the problematic rich from the OK rich.

Class War In America

Michael Moore made a bundle from his first documentary, “Roger and Me”, putting him firmly in “The 1%”.

Automatically evil, right? Not at all. He tells about talking with some factory workers who asked him how much he made on the film. He told them three million, and they burst into applause, and were especially impressed by how he spent the money to help his family and people who were important to him. These factory workers knew he hadn’t turned into someone who wanted to take money from them.

Michael Moore took home $3M
and didn’t become evil.

I live in San Francisco, which has very high per capita income (not from me!), and I live in a particularly rich neighborhood, where almost every house goes for over a million, and some for much more. A lot of the newly rich around here came by their money in some branch…

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  1. I get it -the good rich support Obama and the bad rich don’t.Of course there’s George Soros who supports a vile organization like
    The Hollywood rich are mostly self indulgent and self centered lowlifes,but they’re ok,hmmm?Always ready to support some “cause”.
    I can be fairminded-the Wall Street hedge fund billionaires and crooked bankers are also garbage.
    I don’t begrudge people who prodcue something worthwhile or provide a very important service anything they make.I don’t include lawyers in that group-my experience with them has been decidedly negative.

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