4 thoughts on “Will We be Back to Freedom Fries?

  1. I wouldn’t read too much into ths, the Fnech expression la plus ca change, la plus le meme chose (the more things change, the more they remain the same) didn’t come about for no reason.
    I would also observe Sarkozy is generally far to the left of conservatives here, he accepts universal health insurance, invests in rail transit, believes in acting on climate change, has appointed varius minorities and even a socialist in his cabinet, and more.
    That said, despite some likely early losses, the Hollande administration is likely to be good for the market just as here, under Obama the Dow Jones has gone from about 7000 to 13000 during his presidency. That is because “austerity” hurts and “stimulus” helps by the latter putting purchasing power in the hands of working people that gives businesses an incentive to invest since they are more likely to have customers able to buy their services/products.

    1. I noticed that about the stock market too. The deep plunge in ’08, I think scared all the Washington insiders into bailing out the banks, because it was looking like 1929. Remember that John McCain wanted to cancel the Presidential debate, and both parties approved the bailout. It makes more sense to get people back to work and spending in their local economies than to funnel more money to the rich, who stash it overseas.

      1. Worried about money going overseas?impose a 10% surcharge on those wire transfers so many illegal aliens use to transmit thier unlawfully earned income back home.It may not amount to much per transaction,but in the aggregate it will add up fast.
        i know you think I’m mean spirited but I really don’t care-who aked them to just show up likw they had a right to be here?It oughta come with a cost.

  2. Conservatives here don’t appoint minorities?What bullsh*t Barry!!I seem to recall Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice appointed to pretty damn critical positions by conservatives-not to mention military leaders of minority background.
    A lot better than the “Stepin’ Fetchit”appointments liberals are so fond of.
    C’mon guy-get real.
    OK,Obama appointed Holder-too bad Holder is a scumbag.The more that you find out about him,the worse he appears.
    I truly believe American conservatives seek competence in appointees(they also miss the mark at times)-how many minority members are there in the French Parliament or Estates General or whatever they call it?The Germana?

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