A Step Forward

Today Governor Chafee signed an executive order recognizing same-sex marriages performed in states where the marriages are legal.

This is a small, reasonable step that will clear up confusion and save lawyer hours. When Rhode Island finally joins the rest of New England in marriage equality nothing much will change for most of us. But some will miss the controversy. From what I heard at the State House, we should all be very worried about Communists. Let’s legalized gay marriage and end this distraction from our crusade against the Bolshevik threat.

One thought on “A Step Forward

  1. Again,Chafee has strayed from his purview in the Executive Branch-this is not an anti gay marriage rant-don’t even go there with me-it’s pure disgust at the way this “governor”acts like he was crowned and we should just ignore his noblesse oblige trampling of legislative and/or voter domains.
    The in state tuition end run and now this-has this man ever heard the term ‘separation of powers”?Have legislators like Joy Hearn,Larry Valencia,Edie Ajello,Teresa Paiva-Weed,Gordon Fox, Art Handy,et al got no idea how they are being marginalized and are playing “kapos”to this jerk?They’re so happy to be let off the hookin making tough decisions that they have abdicated any semblance of earned respect.
    Carcieri’s executive order covered only matters within the jurisdiction of the Executive Department.
    BTW when will Chafee recognize out of state pistol permits?I guess that wouldn’t be a step forward in your cafeteria of laws.
    Ignoring the correct processes of government is dangerous.

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