Today in Trivia

I thought it was a principle of nature that a standard transmission is more fuel-efficient than an automatic, but David Sirota at Salon argues otherwise– ‘Is it Ethical to Drive Stick?’

I still think a standard is more fun. Not as cool as a motorcycle of course, but should get me a few points to offset the glasses and sensible shoes.

2 thoughts on “Today in Trivia

  1. The headline is very misleading, intended only to get attention.

    I read the salon article, there is no data at all to indicate a stick shift is not as efficient, only that “new automatic transmission technology is almost at a par and sometimes even better. ” Sounds like very little difference.

    In Europe where stick shifts are common car effiency is much higher.

    I’ll stay with stick shifts, more fun to drive and as humans can see what is coming up ahead, its better to be in control.

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