Go Hillary. I think she looks great.

Life in the Boomer Lane

Hillary  Clinton, in an event generating even more negative feedback than her 1993 national health care debacle, has appeared in public with minimal makeup, glasses, and au natural hair.  The shocking occurrence took place during an official event in Bangladesh, part of her current diplomatic tour throughout Asia.

In an act that brazenly flaunted common decency and decorum, she allowed the world to see the true state of a sixty-four-year-old woman’s face.

The Drudge Report, having had little to report on since a lengthy analysis of Santorum’s “Satan has his sights on the United States of America!” statement, was elated.  “Hillary Au Naturale” screamed the Drudge Report headline, as it showed a photo of the Secretary of State wearing glasses, loose hair and nothing but a little bit of lipstick.

CNN followed, as did media outlets the world over. For 20 hours, Twitter mailboxes were jammed and within minutes…

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  1. Luckiest thing for Hillary was she didn’t get to be President. I wish I had as much hair as she does. She looks fine, seems to enjoy her job, has never been more popular.

    On the other hand, is this a real story or satire? Its hard to tell reality from satire these days.

    1. Two things the world is not quite ready for– powerful older women and individuality. If we start liking ourselves more we might not buy so much stuff, and what would happen then?

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