Will This Make Fox News?

It will be interesting to see how they balance it. Can they distance themselves from Rupert Murdoch and his crew in the UK?

LONDON — British prosecutors said on Tuesday that Rebekah Brooks, a former key aide to tycoon Rupert Murdoch and onetime close friend of Prime Minister David Cameron, will face prosecution along with her husband and four others for perverting the course of justice in the hacking scandal that has burrowed into British public life.

There’s always distraction. Frank Bruni at NYT says that Bristol Palin has a new reality show,’Life’s a Tripp’. She should google some child stars and reconsider putting her kid in front of the cameras. He might end up telling a therapist that he feels like he’s being watched. They have treatments for that.

2 thoughts on “Will This Make Fox News?

  1. yes

    it was reported on both Fox News and Fox Business Network

    all of the story has been reported on all Murdoch outlets…if anything, Murdoch is smart enough to know that stories sell newspapers and get viewers

    The Liberal press however fails to report Mr. Ayers and his associations, Mr. Wright and his, etc.

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