Programming Note: Ads on Kmareka

Dick Van Dyke did it for Kent Cigarettes and Cheer Detergent, and Kmareka has decided it, too, will do some advertising.  Without advertising it will be increasingly hard to keep Kmareka viable.  With advertising, we plan to grow the site and make it do more of what it already does — call attention to underreported, neglected, and marginalized issues in the media, and allow for thoughtful conversation on topics related to health and health care, social justice, corporate influence, income inequality, nutrition, the environment, and last but not least, humor. We hope the ads are not too intrusive, and that the income generated will be good for the site overall.

And in case you want to go for a little ride in the Way Back machine, check this out:  Cigarette Commercial late 1960’s Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore – YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Programming Note: Ads on Kmareka

  1. How come we can put a man on the moon but we can’t invent a bad habit that’s good for you?

  2. Kiersten, I can’t see any problem with including, or relying on ads to defray costs. They are after all, part of our everyday life and we can do little about it. We are willing participants in the capitalist system anyway!!

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