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This is from the Institute for Responsible Technology – the most comprehensive source of GMO health risk information on the web. Please share and realize how important your purchasing power truly is.Image


GMO Awareness – GMO Awareness is uniting everyone in the United States who cares about food quality. We have a unique strategy in place that will empower you to take simple and effective action. “Everyone who cares taking the most effective action”—that’s the winning formula that will bring about labeling.

Organic Consumers Association – A grassroots non-profit public interest organization which deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, corporate accountability, and environmental sustainability.

True Food Network – A resource that you can come to for information and, most importantly, a place you can come to take action regarding GE foods.

GE Food Alert – A coalition of seven organizations united in their commitment…

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  1. This would go equally well with the “Another Gag Rule” post.

    The waste produced by any industrial process has to be cleaned up. It should be taken into consideration when one considers the price of the product being created.

    What tends to happen is that the industry produces its product, but then passes the cost of clean-up onto the general public, until the general public gets annoyed enough and makes the companies clean up their own mess.

    This was the thrust of the whole anti-pollution campaign in the early 70s. The result? Cleaner water and air, and, no, the businesses did not go bankrupt as they predicted. The additional cost did not result in huge price increases that killed their business.

    This is what the problem with fossil fuels is. Yes, it costs very little to create energy by burning fossil fuels, but only if you disregard the problem of cleaning up the waste they create.

    When you do that, the price of a kw hour of electricity suddenly gets very expensive, and wind and solar don’t seem so expensive after all.

    Yes, genetically-altered plants produce wonder crops at a good price, but maybe not so much if they’re made to clean up their mess.

    Look, I can’t just dump my garbage in the street. Why is it OK for a company to do this?

  2. You’re right-we can’t dump our garbage in the street,so to speak.(Unless you’re David Cicilline)but really-since the 60’s,our industries have been made to clean up substantially.
    One of these days I’d like to show you some photo essays from the former USSR-scary stuff-the Chinese are doing that now-WE are not the world’s culprit.
    Rad my comment on “Gag Rule” and point out where I’m wrong-there is no free lunch in energy production.

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