Join the Task Force at Netroots Nation 2012

More of what’s going on at Netroots Nation starting Thursday.

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

Next week, one of the most powerful political events of the year will take place in Providence, Rhode Island: the seventh annual Netroots Nation conference. Join bloggers, online organizers, social justice advocates, union workers, organizational leaders, college organizers and other fierce activists for four days of thought-provoking panels, practical trainings and fun networking opportunities.

We hope you’ll join us for a discussion on how to advocate for progress through federal agencies using the existing framework of federal law. Our panel “Winning Without a Vote: Working with Federal Agencies to Advance a Progressive Agenda” will share success stories related to the LGBT movement, but the tools for change can be used by anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and wade into the world of federal regulation. The panel features Brad Jacklin, Task Force Project Director, Kellan Baker, Health Policy Analyst at the Center for American Progress, Emily Hecht-McGowan…

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2 thoughts on “Join the Task Force at Netroots Nation 2012

  1. So far I’ve noticed the “fierce activists”are being lured to drinking venues like Local 121 and Whiskey Republic for events.Sounds more like Party Time than revolution.Those “trainings”oughta be to never answer a question directly.”Union workers”?Ask Josh Miller how many “union workers”he employs in his establishments.

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