The Byronic Man

So, I see you decided to unfollow me.  Well, that is certainly your right.  I’m sorry to see you go, but I understand.  Perhaps my blog wasn’t your style.  Perhaps I’m just not your cup of tea.  Perhaps I inadvertently offended you somehow, though I sure hope not.  Perhaps you just wanted to, in the immortal words of Thoreau, “simplify, simplify.”  Farewell, and good luck.

Sorry.  Um.  Just, really quickly though… whydid you unfollow me?  Any reason in particular?  It’s my fault isn’t it.  I wasn’t funny enough?  Got political on you too many times? Couldn’t understand why I wrote an lengthy review of Godfather III, a 20-year-old movie that not even Francis Coppola particularly cares about?  Too many Simpsons references?  It’s because occasionally I get all smartypants and use phrases like “in the immortal words of Thoreau,” isn’t it?  Aw, why do I do that?  It just happens…

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