Emergency Room Full Up

NYCEVE at Daily Kos posts an early warning on the consequences of the Supremes striking down health care reform.

Last night the internets were saying Judge Ginsburg sent a signal that there will be a 5/4 decision later this month, and it doesn’t look good. Today it remains unclear.

The Affordable Care Act, though flawed and partial, directly benefits my family. My young adult, my elderly mother, are protected by provisions in the law that extend family insurance and expand Medicare benefits to preventive care. The crazy idea that health care is a consumer item, like a car, only holds up in the abstract. The crazy idea that we can triage out part of our society without damaging all is falling apart in our current epidemic. How many people do you know with diabetes? Are they supposed to die quietly?

Dark thoughts on a Monday morning. Now I’m off to work in health care.

4 thoughts on “Emergency Room Full Up

  1. This is the last chance the Supreme Court has to prove to the American people that it is not just about politics. The. Last. Chance.

    Let’s channel our despair into re-electing a president who will appoint some good people to the bench.

  2. thanks guys, for your comments. I’m so used to getting flamed I’m not used to agreement. Health care is a right, like clean water, safe streets, and rule of law.

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