stops the anti-union and anti-child petitions of Stand for Children and Michelle Rhee — a victory for truth in advertising.

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In an earlier post, I described how Michelle Rhee’s Students First collects “members” whenever anyone unwittingly signs a petition at for a “kittens and puppies” cause or when they agree that they respect teachers. This is deceptive advertising. It turns out that Jonah Edelman’s Stand for Children also benefited by misleading people who signed heart-warming petitions at

Never doubt that citizens can make a difference. In response to protests and petitions, will no longer be collecting signatures for Rhee or Edelman because their organizations are anti-union. claims to be a progressive website, not just a free-market platform for anything. As a progressive website, it was subject to growing criticism for enabling groups like Students First and Stand for Children to promote their agenda of privatization and union-busting.

And don’t doubt for a minute that one person can make a difference. Aaron Krager communicated directly with…

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