Jerry Sandusky Guilty

So the alternate reality that Jerry Sandusky constructed for himself, the one where he was a nice guy helping troubled boys, has collapsed. The justifications of his defense lawyer failed to convince a jury of his peers.

I find Jerry Sandusky less interesting than the communal culture of Penn State. There’s no place on earth that is safe from bad individuals doing bad things. There are places where bad individuals would not be able to hide in plain sight and continue to commit crimes for decades.

Penn State is not on trial, but there needs to be an examination of that institution, and all the forces in society that work against safety and justice for vulnerable people.

5 thoughts on “Jerry Sandusky Guilty

  1. I am grateful. In my experience with sexual abuse victims, justice helps the healing and recovery process immensely. I am thankful that the victims were brave enough to speak and that they were finally listened to.

  2. I have driven through Bellefonte/State College a number of times and when you go down Route 99 the Penn State stadium dominates the landscape-there’s nothing comparable around it.It’s kind of a semiotic presence that delineates the strength of the football culture there and Sandusky banked on the reverence for that culture to get away with revolting crimes.Just as polanski banks on the Hollywood elite to protect him.They should be cellmates for life.

    1. that would be justice, sadly won’t happen except in the movies. I don’t think Sandusky’s conviction will deter other would-be molesters, but it might make some others think twice about abetting a cover-up of a crime.
      I hope this will help Sandusky’s victims.

      1. Agreed-a movie fantasy-however,you’re right about the other thing-you can’t stop pedophiles-they are driven,evil creatures.I sure hope Penn State pays the price for allowing this.It may serve as an object lesson.

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