Rhode Island made the list. I’m not proud.

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Which states lead the nation is fiscal unfairness to poor children and their public schools?

Bruce Baker, the invaluable social scientist from Rutgers, the one who has actually taught in schools, has figured it out by analyzing Census data.

Bruce has a terrific blog, where he asks important questions and has the data to support his answers. I wish that every corporate reformer would read him. You should too.

These are the states that are most unfair to poor children and their public schools:

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  1. my friend was an elementary public school teacher in New Hampshire, and even twenty years ago when the economy was good they had to struggle with a large proportion of retirees and older voters who didn’t see why a school budget mattered. It’s dumb to disinvest in the next generation, but that’s why we try to educate–so people can realize that two plus two equals four.

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