I Had to Do It

Stuck in Whole Foods in between errands with time to kill. And there’s a dessert bar. Fruit trifle and chocolate ganache. It wouldn’t make sense to pass that up, would it?

I’m looking at a poster on the wall with the 4 pillars of healthy eating. Healthy fats? Well, lots of fat, some of it must be healthy. Chocolate is a good source of niacin. I’ll diet tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “I Had to Do It

  1. Chocolate has certain health benefits.If you’re not diabetic,gobble away!!
    You oughta try their Indian food bar-really well made.

  2. A happy Fourth to this website that tries so consistently to keep our freedoms free! (e.g., the posting below is a good example)….

    Enjoy the day.

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