Do school counselors make a difference? You bet they do.

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A reader responds to this post about the middle school in the Bronx:

In Vallejo, we did away with our counselors in 2005. Since then we have seen our graduate rate rapidly decline, increase in violence on our secondary campuses, and other issues as well. The teachers’ union have been advocating for a return of our counselors ever since because we have seen the profound negative impact it has had on our kids. It has yet to happen.


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  1. I had a guidance counselor in HS-she didn’t much care what happened in my future and I didn’t expect her to.I did,however,have some really great teachers.

    1. Wow….just think what might have been if you had gotten help then….LOL!! Just kidding, Joe. I didn’t have much to do with counselors in school, either. But for some kids they are a lifeline. Abuse of children is often discovered at school, and the earlier intervention happens, the better the outcome.

  2. Abuse of children-I got abused by an assistant principal and a teacher when I was 7 and kept it secret until I was an adult.It wasn’t sexual-it was like being waterboarded-it took place in a mop closet and I was terrified.Later on,when I was in boot camp at Parris Island there was routine physical abuse,but it didn’t bother me-I was OK with it because I knew it was a tactic they used to break us down.It wasn’t personal.

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