Comments on Diane Ravitch’s blog result in a letter from the Anti-Defamation League…the teacher who made the comments speaks again.

Diane Ravitch's blog

I mentioned in a post this morning that I had received a letter form the Anti-Defamation League warning that comments on my blog displayed “insensitivity” and that I should take this opportunity to warn readers about the dangers of “hurtful analogies,” especially in referring to Hitler and the Holocaust.

A reader wonders if he was the one who wrote the comment that was reported as offensive to the Anti-Defamation League:

I think that the comment referred to was mine. I am a teacher in one of the 24 “closed” NYC schools. I went back to look for what I actually wrote but could not find it but I definitely remember reading the comments after that post and being surprised at the reaction.First, let me say that I am also Jewish. Whichever members of my family remained in Poland at the start of the war, were totally wiped out in…

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  1. He makes a good argument but it’s still wrong to use the Holocaust as hyperbole to make a point.

  2. Well,being of Jewish descent,I find it disturbing that somone like Elie Weisel makes a habit of discounting the extent of other REAL holocausts,some worse than Hitler’s in sheer numbers(Stalin and Mao for example) to maintain some proprietary interest in the word and concept.
    If one kills millions of their”own”people,are the victims any less mass murder victims than the Jews?
    The”smaller”holocausts in Cambodia,Rwanda,Sudan,etc. go relatively unnoticed because there are not as many novelists,screenwriters,directors,and professors as the Jews have produced.Being able to make one’s story widely accesible makes a huge difference.

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