Gore Vidal

I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Gore Vidal. I mostly saw him in small roles, on a historical DVD on Abraham Lincoln, and playing Rhode Island’s own Claiborne Pell, Brickley Paiste in the movie Bob Roberts.

I’ll miss his world-weary voice and regret that we have one less old guy unafraid to stand up to bullies.

One thought on “Gore Vidal

  1. Vidal was a contradiction in search of a solution. He was a child of privilege and wealth and frequently an interesting conversationalist. He was a minor author although some of his historical novels were entertaining. He was perhaps best known for his television antics especially the marvelous confrontation with author Norman Mailer as well as his interaction with William F. Buckley. He was certainly an obvious anti-Semite and came into clear conflict with the conservative Buckley. Vidal clearly did not like democracy–he was a social elitist.

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