What He Said– What I Heard

There are ‘dog whistles’, subtle signals that only the base can hear. Mitt Romney isn’t even bothering with that– just going straight to Birtherland. So no one ever asked him to show his birth certificate? Yeah, Mitt, I’ll bet that no one follows your wife around the store when she goes shopping, or asks you in your own country ‘where you’re from’? Why would that be?

Never in my life have I ever heard a president’s nationality questioned until we elected our first black president. If Mitt Romney thinks the meaning of his ‘joke’ is lost on Black Americans he will find out different in November.

Washington Post thinks Mitt was blowing a dog whistle too.

When the driver made my mother-in-law go to the back of the bus in Selma, Alabama, he didn’t ask for her papers, or where her father was born. It was all about color. Too often, it still is.

(thank you, Public Domain Clip Art)

5 thoughts on “What He Said– What I Heard

  1. Here we go again-if you don’t like Obama it’s because you’re racist-is that it?That is a load of BS.Maybe there is some of that,but I can tell you i dislike him for his extreme liberal positions and his disturbing attempts to pre-empt the role of congress.A constitutional law professor ought to understand separation of powers and checks and balances-I’m sure he does.He just doesn’t give a damn.For some reason he also turns me off personally-I can’t stand to listen to his hot air speeches.Actually,I don’t listen to politicians in general.Romney can’t keep my attention either-not much of a choice we have,but Obama’s entourage really disgusts me.

  2. I happen to agree with the author of this post. I can’t help but wonder if all the antipathy toward Obama is really thinly disguised racism. I never really believed people were racist until I moved to the South and then I met perfectly polite and seemingly kind people who said the most appalling things about their dark-skinned neighbors in the same manner as they were discussing the weather! Sure, these same people fervently proclaim they aren’t racist, but like the person who commented above, they sure sound racist to me. BTW, Mr. Bernstein, if you are *really* concerned about the Constitution, how about you tell your uber-conservative friends to check and recheck our Founding Father’s INSISTENCE on the separation of church and state? Yeah. Get back to me on that, will you?

  3. If you can find “separation of church and state”in the Constitution please point it out.Jefferson mentioned it in his writings-not the Constitution-the prohibition there is against a state establishment of religion-STATE-get it?A banner put up by a student(s)is not a state intrusion into freedom of religion.People like you are always quick on the draw with the “racist”garbage-have a real nice day.Be sure to kiss your picture of Obama.

  4. Oh,yeah-nice job diverting the conversation to “church and state’which wasn’t on the table-typical lowlife liberal tactic when confronted with a difficult question

  5. @Verdant Home-I just realized you called me a racist-GFY.I won’t dignify your crap with anything furhter.

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