EG Candidate Mark Co-Signed Father-Daughter Dance Letter To Cranston – East Greenwich, RI Patch

It seems that Cranston has once again become the epicenter for acting out a drama that is likely being repeated, on a much smaller scale, in communities all across the country. This time the hot now-in-the-national-news debate is about father-daughter dances and how we are now calling them family dances.

Sometimes I feel like we have a special talent here in Cranston for making an issue out of things that would make common sense for us all to agree on. I wish we all could have agreed to just take the “Heavenly Father” off the prayer banner and call it a school pledge. I wish we could agree to let this family dance be our clarion call of respect for our different ways of raising children in the community. Sometimes I wonder if we were having this conversation in the presence of the children whose fathers are not available for the dance, how many of us would make the right decision and say to the children, “This is a family dance, and all are welcome. You can bring anyone you want.” But as Bob Plain points out, we are still feeling the pain from out last go-around with the ACLU, which may be driving a certain amount of the posturing and outcry.

I can sympathize with people who want this name to go away. While the pictures could line our walls of my husband and our ever-growing daughters posed side by side for the father-daughter dance photos, it’s not right for children to feel excluded. I know from my practice of social work, these issues are particularly hard on children in other family constellations, such as being raised by grandparents, foster parents, single parents, or in families with two moms. Our school changed to from the Father-Daughter dance to the Family Dance last year, and reports from our parent-teacher organization were that it was a successful event and we raised money for the school.

Carolyn Mark, who is the president of the National Organization for Women in Rhode Island, and who is running for school committee in East Greenwich, co-authored the letter that prompted the change in nomenclature. Click through to read more about the issue, including the letter she wrote.

EG Candidate Mark Co-Signed Father-Daughter Dance Letter To Cranston – East Greenwich, RI Patch.

6 thoughts on “EG Candidate Mark Co-Signed Father-Daughter Dance Letter To Cranston – East Greenwich, RI Patch

  1. Here’s your problem-if someone feels “excluded”you want the world to stop turning for them.That’s nonsense-things are not like that in the real world and school should be a learning experience,not a fantasy experience.
    When I was seven,I got a form of polio which was nonparalytic,but disabled me for quite a while and I needed physical therapy to recover over a lengthy period.I was unable to participate in many sporting events in the schoolyard,so by your standards no one should have been allowed to play sports.Doesn’t that seem kind of silly?
    That’s what is going on here-we cannot cater to everyone’s circumstances.
    The ACLU seems to be on a crusade against normalcy-they insist on intruding into our everyday lives.
    I think Rhode Island has endured that cockroach Steven Brown for an overlong period of time.It’s time he heard NO and had to back down.I have engaged in informal debates with him via radio and he is truth challenged to say the least.He allowed people to assume he was an attorney without ever actually saying so for a long time-I asked hi flat out and of course he had to be truthful,since it’s a crime to lie about that.He has a BS degree in public admin-hardly the makings of the legal expert he purports to be.
    He either doesn’t know immigration law or just likes to lie about it-specifically regarding his description of immigration violations as “civil infractions”-some are in fact,but others are crimes of varying severity carrying prison terms up to life imprisonment(smuggling cases resulting in death) but more realistically in the range of 6 mos-20 years.Not a parking ticket.
    I have studied the origins of the ACLU and its founder,Roger Baldwin,at one time an avowed communist.Not very encouraging material.
    not everyone will have the same level of satisfaction in life-to tell children otherwise is dishonest and damaging.

  2. I like to read some history and biography. Blended families have always been common, grandparents raising grandchildren, aunts and uncles adopting orphans– not to mention a century of war that took away so many fathers– what is this fixation on the nuclear family when it was never the universal norm?

    1. Really, what is the fuss? This is all about Sean Gately and the tempest in the teapot he created in the hopes this will garner him enough votes to win an election, David Cicilline’s opinion and Bob Kerr’s salty opinion notwithstanding. As soon as one hears someone holding a view that matches majority opinion dismissing someone’s concern as “crazy”, without even considering the concerns, a thoughtful person will immediately become suspicious of such a conclusion. No one gets elected or sells newspapers by supporting views that might not be popular. That is why the judicial branch of government is so important a check and a balance in promoting good government.

  3. I grew up in very modest circumstances-not Ozzie and harriet land,and yes,there were families that suffered the loss of a father in WW2,but generally speaking,I noticed nuclear families were the norm-universal is a little strong,but still the vast majority of people I grew up with and went to school with came from that background.FWIW my high school was about 40% Black and those students also came from mostly two parent homes-the breakup of Black families in large numbers resulted from the Johnson initiatives in the War on Poverty-good intentions which went seriously astray.

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