This one’s for you, Joe, I know how much you love brussel sprouts. LOL!

Eat and Beat Cancer

anti cancer cabbage tipsNovember 2013 update: Please read the groundbreaking news about crucifers! Scientists have recently discovered that lightly steamed cabbage has more anti-cancer compounds than raw cabbage (with one exception:  qing gin cai is best raw)–and that you can cook any cabbage any way you want as long as you eat a little raw crucifer in the same meal. Radish, mustard, watercress, wasabi–any raw crucifer will do.     

Most people will tell you to eat cabbage for its anti-cancer compounds, but they don’t explain that how you prepare it is key. If you want to get the anti-cancer benefits from cabbage, then heed this advice:

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  1. Brussels spouts?Yech!!Cabbage is good,but we always had it cooked.My favorites are broccoli and eggplant.Green beans ,asparagus,spinach, some of those Asian greens ,squash,and turnips(purple top)are good also.

  2. Wow, I just started a weight loss diet and had nothing in the fridge but 1/2 a red cabbage. It’s good with salad dressing. Then I crashed with a head cold. I’m on the pizza diet now. I lost a pound. Go figure.

  3. Cure for head cold:go over to Apsara II and get anything with some of their homemade mustard and hot sauce-cold gone.

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