Diane Ravitch kind of says it all here, and eloquently. She also points out how NYC’s system of school choice has made it so that many children must commute heavily to get to school, and now cannot get to school due to the flooding.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Many people have written via Twitter or email to ask if I am okay, and the short answer is yes.

Unlike many in New York City, I and my family emerged unscathed. There was a lot of wind and rain, but no damage to body or property.

Many people, including good friends, did suffer terribly. One lives in a neighborhood that was devastated by a terrible fire. Others experienced flood damage.

And the city remains crippled.

The mass transit system is out of commission, so people can’t get to work and children–in this city so dependent on school choice–can’t get to school.

Most Americans depend on private transportation and find it hard to imagine a city where public transportation is critical to the life of the city.

This Forbes blogger explains here how she can’t get to work and her son can’t get to school. Without the subways, people are…

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  1. The little remark about school choice is gratuitous-even if the children could walk to school,how would the teachers get there without public transportation?

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