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“Sandy’s occupying Wall Street now,” is a comment I noticed on Facebook the other day. Maybe there is some truth to that statment, amidst the dark humor, but there are also goodhearted people of Occupy Wall Street still making a presence and putting forth effort to aid victims of the hurricane. This mission, called Occupy Sandy Relief, is composed of members of Occupy Wall Street,, and and is dedicated to neighborhood resource distribution and aid implementation for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

So far, the coalition has established a social media presence, a mobile update system and collected and distributed supplies to various areas of New York City, with distribution and collection hubs in many neighborhoods. Occupy Sandy still needs blankets, candles, flashlights, lights, water, food, batteries, diapers and wipes, gloves and masks, rubber boots, shovels, cleaning supplies and bleach, trash bags, serving dishes…

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Daily Kos has a good news digest on this
    Occupy Providence was informally feeding homeless people in Burnside Park all winter, and negotiated for a day shelter to be kept open through the spring.
    I remember that after Katrina the Red Cross refused to go into New Orleans– it was dangerous, but the news was making the situation more dangerous with exaggerated reports while people died waiting for help to arrive.
    Maybe the difference is that Occupy is already there.

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