Diane Ravitch Featured in The New Yorker

Truly, Diane Ravitch is an amazing woman — no matter what side of the education reform movement you are on, you must admit this. She is 74 years old and blogs about 10 times a day, runs all over the country defending public education and helping to build morale for an industry being brutally attacked, and still finds time work on a book. Since she started her blog last April, I have learned so much from her.

Diane Ravitch Vs. The Education Reform Movement

One thought on “Diane Ravitch Featured in The New Yorker

  1. An “industry”-interesting use of the word as applied to public education-it seems to me more of a public service like police and fire.An industry is a little different-when you look at it from that point of view,an agenda would fit right in.The only “agenda”in public education should be delivery of skills and facts and not indoctrination of children which seems to be a major reason why people want to opt out of it.

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