5 thoughts on “Australia Stopped Mass Shootings–Yes, It’s the Guns | Emancipation Conversation

  1. So you finally got around to explaining the agenda I knew you had all along.Get rid of guns.Make sure that ordinary citizens will be at the mercy of those who have no use for laws or a possibly oppressive government.Here’s a thought-Molon Labe

    1. What was that? “Moron Lame”? The fact that you, the NRA, and the rest of the firearm fetish crowd refuse to accept even modest gun control measures—such as restricting ownership of assault rifles and high-capacity magazine clips—is just pathetic. I’d feel sorry for the bunch of you paranoid, rigid fanatics if your ideas weren’t so dangerous to the rest of us. I guess your familiarity with Ancient Greek doesn’t include terms like “compromise” and “common sense.”

  2. “Ideas dangerous to the rest of us”-you just explained why I have the attitude I do-it’s not paranoid when people like you talk about thought crimes.Ownership of all firearms is currently restricted by law,but you’re too stupid or too much of a liar to acknowledge that.No one should be able to evade a background check-I’ll support that change in the laws,but the problem isn’t a hardware one-it’a process one-and just about every gun crime is committed by someone who shouldn’t have had the gun to begin with.You are a Godamn fool.BTW I neither have nor want an AR or AK rifle-I am content with an ordinary semiauto pistol.I’ve had one for over twenty years and never had a problem.I just don’t like social engineering know it alls telling me what is appropriate.

  3. Allowing people to purchase AR-15s is just as much social engineering as not allowing them. Either way creates a certain sort of society, which is pretty much the definition of social engineering.

    I’m not terribly concerned that you own a semi-automatic pistol. I believe you should have that right.

    But the idea of social engineering cuts both ways. You’re not opposed to social engineering; you’re opposed to social engineering that you disagree with. That’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. Just recognize what you’re advocating. You are just as much engaged in social engineering as some liberal advocating for gun control.

  4. That is an interesting point of view and I won’t dismiss it as posturing because it certainly has some merit.My problem with the rush to impose new restrictions is whether they will have any beneficial effect without disproportionately affecting persons who won’t create a problem.
    Actually I said twenty years-but I’ve been routinely handling firearms since I was 18 and I’m 66 now and I have never had an accident nor thankfully had to kill someone with a firearm while I was on the job.I have real reasons for needing a firearm for self/family protection due to my former occupation.
    The argument you make has one thing I disagree with-I think of social engineering as being basically proactive-so prohibiting the sale/purchase/possession of a particular firearm seems a little different than just allowing it given certain requirements that do and should apply to any firearms purchase.
    We have a case from yesterday that is really shocking- a man sets a fire and ambushes the responding firefighters.Then he offs himself.Now here is the problem I have-this animal murdered his grandmother with a hammer and served 17 years-people do more time on marijuana sales.What idiots paroled him?And how did he obtain a firearm?I’m for real background checks on every purchaser of every firearm,ao even though I am an NRA member,I am at odds with La Pierre and some friends of mine on that issue.
    I locked up a guy named Charles DeRosa years ago for attempting to run me down with a motor vehicle and possession of cocaine.He was out on bail for a firearms homicide at the time.He pleaded out to manslaughter/ADW/drug possession charge and got 10 years-obscene if you ask me since he had about half a dozen convictions for violent assaults(this was a really dangerous person) -he was paroled in 7 years and within weeks of his release obtained a 357 magnum revolver and murdered his ex wife and then killed himself.
    What’s my point?That all the well intentioned laws that are passed are totally ignored by those bent on doing harm.
    Now you and your family have a merry and safe Christmas.

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